Secret santa

A cross-platform mobile app for anonymous gift exchange

2015 — until now


A mobile app for the traditional Christmas game

About the app

“Secret Santa” is an application for anonymous gift exchange before Christmas and New Year. It is convenient for both family and corporate use.

Each participant in the game can get a present from Santa. And who is this secret Santa? - Only the game organizer will know.



One month before the New Year, the initiative team of the company came up with the idea of creating the Secret Santa mobile app. There was almost no time left for product development, considering moderation in application stores. However, we successfully coped with the task within a week, implementing the app for three platforms: Android, iOS, Windows Phone.


Our target was to make the app popular as well as make it stand out among similar ones. To this end, we added animation and gamification elements to the design, so that the number of users grew 7 times.


We took a decision to analyze the existing app in order to further mordernize and improve it. We looked into various user behavior scenarios, made a focus group survey and studied comments in mobile stores. As a result, our analysts realized that it was possible to simplify the logic and improve the usability of the third version of the application , and minimize social interaction.


After studying user behavior scenarios, we decided to redesign the application. The third version of the app aimed at the following:

  • make the application logic as simple as possible;
  • facilitate creating and launching the game;
  • increase the control and transparency of the game;
  • optimize labor costs for future application support through its implementation on Flutter cross-platform framework;
  • make the application more popular.


01. Registration

The registration in the updated version of the application has become much easier. Just log in with your mobile phone number, accept the terms of the Privacy Policy and enter the verification code from SMS.

02. Starting the game

To start a new game in the application, the only person who has to get registered is the game organizer. Then they indicate the event name, date, time, and venue and invite friends. If desired, the organizer can also take part in the game and receive a gift from the good Santa. The minimum number of game participants is 4 people.

03. Sharing members' web profiles

In the first version of the application, the organizer added the email addresses of the participants manually. In the third version, we decided to simplify this process by implementing invitation links with a member’s web profile. Now it’s enough for the organizer to send a link to the profile via any messenger or social network, and the participant will indicate their name and email address on their own.

04. Game rules and tips

In the new version of the game, there are rules and tips available for the convenience of users. And to promptly resolve any issues, you can contact the application development team by clicking on the "contact us" button.

05. Data recovery

Moreover, we have implemented a special form so active game participants can recover information about previous games. The user just needs to enter his email and click on the "restore" button. Within a few days, the information about the games will appear on the list of games on the main screen.

06. Localization of the application

The application is very popular in Europe and the USA so we decided to localize it for Russian-speaking and English-speaking users. If desired, anyone can organize a game with friends or relatives from other continents.

App Statistics

Since 2015, when the first version of the application was published in stores, the number of games played has increased 10 times.

The number of users downloading the app and starting games has doubled.

The number of unique players has grown 10 times.

Thanks to the redesign of the application, the number of users has doubled.

  • Flutter
  • Firebase Auth
  • Laravel
  • MySQL

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