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Dayberry — Your personal manager of memorable dates and important events

Mobile application development

Project Type


Golden App 2015 Contest

Awardee of the Golden App 2015 contest, the Lifestyle category

User Base

Over 5 000 active users

Application Idea


According to the initial idea, Dayberry is a “reloaded” iOS version of a similar PC application created almost 20 years ago.

In the time passed, mobile devices had captured the segment of time management, so we have decided to implement the project for iOS. There were 3 main features: customizability, flexibility and unusual additional functionality.

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This first version of the product included only basic functionality and was compatible with early-generation iPhones.


Rebranding: Dayberry

The modern period started when we approved the new concept along with additional features.


Target Audience

Busy Person

Business people can use
Dayberry as an organizer.

Family Values

People can keep track of
holidays for the whole family.

Life of the Party

The app serves any party well
by helping gather friends together.

Holiday Today feature



The main additional feature of the app, Holiday Today, can help you to find a milestone date of almost any event for on a certain day. For example, it can be 100 months after your wedding or 1234 days after the graduation.

App Calendar

We have focused on the calendar; as a result, its animation and logics are similar to the same iOS functionality enhancing it.

Event Sequence

Events can be flexibly configured, marked by colors and categorized. To display current and upcoming holidays, the special widget is used. The application also shows public holidays in a user’s region.


  • Objective-C
  • RestKit
  • Entity Framework
  • iOS Today Extension
  • App Groups


Feedback played a significant role in the development process: at the production stage there were focus groups, and users’ reviews after the release.

In the updates, we have implemented the lists of unofficial holidays, the app password feature, contact import and the functionality of sending messages, linked to dates.

Focus Groups & Happy Users

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