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iOS App

Our game development debut

Project Type



Over 5000 users worldwide

Debutee Nomination

KRI Awards 2013 Best Debut Nominated

Mobile Nomination

KRI Awards 2013 Best Mobile Game Nominated

Casual Nomination

KRI Awards 2013 Best Casual Game Nominated

Project Award App of the Week


Since this was our first experience in game development, the tasks were flexibly enhanced as the initial idea grew. The team developed and implemented the original game concept, including code, and game, graphic, and sound design.




From Thought to Architecture
From Engine to Controls
Interaction Design
Multimedia Content

Game concept and design

Technological Limitations

The Cocos2D engine required frame-by-frame animation of the game elements

User & App

Three control schemes:

Controls 1

customizable buttons

Controls 2


Controls 3

tilting a device

Social Functionality

The product includes Game Center leaderboards and achievements

Special for Us

Graphics and sound are completely exclusive

Aleksandr, Sound Designer

Aleksandr Sosedkin Production Studio

Sound Designer

A multi-staged teamwork approach we used with developers turned to be exactly what I planned. Together, we worked closely to create the ideal environment that captured the spirit of the game. It was quite challenging; although my regular activities involve creative search, they might have some patterns; here, we needed something exclusive.

In the end, we created a comprehensive, vivid application. It was especially interesting to see how games are developed, and to be a part of that process.


  • Cocos2D
  • Box2D
  • Objective-C
  • SmartFox Server


1 project manager

1 game designer

2 developers

2 designers

1 test engineer

1 sound designer

Best projects

A cloud platform for the quick launch of shopping sites

Development & design:
an online catalog of LED technology

Redesign of the mobile application for tracking agricultural machinery