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Social media development
for Southern Federal University, Russia


Awardee of IT Leader 200"

Golden Certificate at Global Education 2010

Awardee of Global Education 2009


Automation of education activities and to provide simple access to necessary information

Development Begins



The conceptual scope of Incampus included the composite of social services focused on communications between students and the teaching staff.

These communications meant to result in two main groups:

Providing Information
News, messages
Study Process Automation
Tests, review sessions, distribution of guidance materials


  • MS SQL
  • jQuery


People Involved

5 developers


The basis of the system is its social and education functionality integrated with the informational network of the university.


Users can upload files, create events, interact with other people individually or in groups.

The user base of Incampus updates automatically and consists of students and employees of campuses in Rostov-on-Don, Taganrog and other cities.

Best projects

Redesign of the mobile application for tracking agricultural machinery

A cloud platform for the quick launch of shopping sites

Development & design:
an online catalog of LED technology