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Project Type


iQ300 Project

Mobile client
for the project management system

iQ300 is a web startup, providing management process services to corporate clients. The main purpose of the system is organization and task monitoring.

Client Client
Contacting Contacting
Creating Creating
Product Product

The client approached us to create a mobile version of iQ300 based on iOS and Android.

Project Purpose Project Purpose

The purpose was to provide its users (managers) with a light mobile application to monitor tasks and communicate with their teams.

Team Size

The work on two applications involved a team of 6 people.

They used native iOS and Android development kits.

iOS application
Android application


Product Format

Create iOS and Android apps that interact with the web verion of iQ300.


Implement push notifications that chats to simplify communication.


Utilize Google Analytics functionality for gathering feedback necessary for further development.

Aleksandr Tkachev

We appreciate INOSTUDIO as high-end professionals in software development and process organization. They are very considerate and polite. We never faced with negative or conflict situations, which is very nice.

We are very thankful to INOSTUDIO that our Users can quickly solve their issues using their smartphones and tablets based on iOS and Android. We have already got significant results and are not going to stop!

Once again we want to thank INOSTUDIO for promptness, professionalism, creativity, ideas and individual approach to untrivail tasks! We strongly recommend INOSTUDIO, as a savvy team which perfectly knows how to build a high-end software solution of any level of complexity.

Aleksandr Tkachev


We were responsible for
the full development cycle


Application Design Application Design

As a part of the process, we analyzed the original web version and modified it for mobile.

Adaptability Adaptability

Although initially we were tasked to create only the smartphone version, the final apps are all-in-one, supporting tablets as well.

Guildelines Guildelines
Following Guidelines

We designed the project, adjusting it for the Google Play and Apple App Store requirements.

Google Analytics

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