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Church The saint Nicholas Taganrog

information and news site for parishioners

Project goal

Provide parishioners and pilgrims with the most complete information on the schedule of worship services, tell about the inner life of the temple, answer important questions: about baptism, wedding and confession.


Implement an intuitive information structure for parishioners, modern design and Orthodox calendar on the main page, so that the necessary information about holidays and fasting days was in one place. And also provide a convenient tool for managing content.

Also, the Orthodox calendar is updated automatically without the efforts of the content manager.
The Menu is divided into blocks: news, parish life, parish adviser, temple history, clergy, schedule of worship services, contacts.
We've used cards to display content: news, articles, photos of church attendants and a calendar.


When choosing a content management system, the emphasis was on the convenience and simplicity of the system so that temple workers could work with a wide variety of information without the help of specialists: articles, photos, notes, news. So the choice was made in flavor of WordPress.


And thanks to adaptive layout, the site is correctly displayed on different devices.


We approached the design with special awe, because St. Nicholas Church is in our hometown, and we wanted the site to reflect all the beauty and uniqueness of its architecture. Therefore, designers created an authentic design: exactly the ornament and style of the building architecture were repeated.


Upon completion of work, the St. Nicholas Church found a new face on the Internet. The parishioners see the necessary information in an accessible form. And the temple staff received and easy-to-use tool.

  • WordPress 4.6.1
  • PHP 5.6.11
  • MySQL 5.1.67 С

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