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Staff Training project Corporate

Staff Training

Development of educational system



Allow employees to acquire new skills


Present corporate rules to new personnel


Give master-classes, trainings and seminars

Personal Growth
Corporate Culture
Staff Involvement
Event Organizer
Experience Sharing


User Estimate User Estimate

At the initial stage, the system determined the level of a user's knowledge, education preferences as well as weekly number of study hours and other parameters.

Individual Plan Individual Plan

With the application, a mentor maps out a personal plan of eduсation, including books, videos, presentation, mini games, group activities and so on.

Built-In Certification Built-In Certification

After finishing all lessons, an employee receives an internal certificate that approves the completion of a course and the right to hold a certain position within the company.

Process Analytics Process Analytics

The educational materials includes the system that analyses an employee’s actions during the process to estimate his or her knowledge. At the end, the employer receives the report on this analysis.


In the Spotlight
Character Creation


Project Team Project Team

On INOSTUDIO’s side, there were 6 developers; a designer and a project manager worked on the client’s side.


RestKit SQLite Unity 3D Cocoa Cocos2d

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