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Development of the corporate system for working time accounting

Project Type Project Type Corporate solution


We were to improve the existing solution, based on feedback of users and requirements of product owners.



The new version had significantly increased the efficiency of working time accounting and provided the client with the flexible tool fitting each of the employees. The customer plans to launch the product on the market.



Various Reports Various Reports

Depending on a role, a user can receive reports on time periods, projects or employees.

Multi-Platform Compatibility Multi-Platform Compatibility

The new version of Worktimer consists of the web application combined with desktop solutions for Mac and PC.

Track Activities Track Activities

Desktop solutions track user activities for keyboard and mouse, take screenshots from monitors and send data to the server.

Capture Frequency Capture Frequency

These actions are performed randomly but no more frequently than once every 10-minutes.

Admin Rights Admin Rights

An administrator can disable taking screenshots/input devices data for certain users, if necessary.

Accounting Software Integration Accounting Software Integration

The web application is integrated with the accounting solution to perform payroll calculations easily.



  • 4 backend developers
  • 1 frontend developer
  • 1 test engineer
  • 1 designer
  • 1 project manager

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