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Web Project

International cloud platform for the rapid creation and launch of sites for TV shops

2011 – Present

The product allows you to quickly create and run adaptive product landings for TV shops with the subsequent application of technologies of bringing the buyer to the purchase and monitoring of user reactions. The main feature of MOJO is the ability to launch a site for a new product in less than 24 hours.


Business tasks that we’ve solved for MOJO

Implementation of the idea

MOJO is a startup. Before starting work, we’ve conducted a market analysis. Together with the client, we worked in detail on the concept of the project, identified the risks and the main requirements.

Receiving a profit

Any business project is aimed at making a profit. For more than 6 years of work, it has been possible to achieve significant indicators of the company's annual profit.

Increasing the customer base

At the moment, the goal is to expand the customer base and capture a significant market share.

Functional features of MOJO

A/B testing

Gives the opportunity to test the effectiveness of various elements of the page. It can be: the price, design, discounts and so on. All that is needed to increase sales. In a few minutes.

100% control of the administrative panel

Full access to the admin panel on the landing page. Each client can change marketing tools, add a domain, change settings, create those A/B tests, add promotional codes.

Adaptive website design

Following the development trends, we added the ability to create adaptive sites. Thus, customers can buy goods from mobile devices as comfortably as from computers.

Visual editor

In the MOJO editor, you can make edits instantly: change the fonts, images, and position of the elements on the pages.

System of analytics

MOJO provides the owner of the site with his own analytics with robot detection, with statistics of visits and conversions. And we’ve also implemented the ability to add third-party analytics (Google Analytics, Hubspot, etc.) and pixels to create retargeting advertising companies.

Promotional codes and coupons

Ability to add promotional codes to convert visitors to buyers. Promotional codes can be of any format: part of the amount in USD from the order, discount percentage, free delivery and even can automatically add the goods to the shopping cart. You can also set the maximum number of applications, the start and end dates of the promotion.

Using of the integrated systems

In MOJO we’ve implemented more than 100 integrations with external services: payment systems, fulfillments and so on.


Visitors from a particular country / city can be shown a different version of the page.

Microsoft Azure

MOJO is built on the Microsoft Windows Azure cloud platform for maximum scalability and reliability. The same platform is used by XBox and Office 365. Microsoft Azure is the best choice for the modern needs of e-commerce with high load.


We conduct continuous daily security checks for all servers, as well as a full evaluation of the PCI-DSS every 90 days. We use RSA 2048-bit keys and certificates, and credit card data is encrypted in accordance with the security levels of "NSA"


A little bit about the client

In 2011, a project started, with which we were no longer destined to part.

Hello, we just have brightful startup idea!

Just one of our existing customers has called and we gladly took up the implementation of his idea. At first he believed in us, and then we believed in him. So began our long history of success.

MOJO Research & Development has become one of the leading companies in its segment in the United States, joining the DRMA (Direct Response Marketing Alliance).

We are proud of the successes of our partners

For 6 years of collaboration between MOJO and INOSTUDIO, the project has grown from a start-up into a multinational product: now MOJO operates in the USA, Canada, Europe, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia and Mexico.

But we do not stop. Work on this platform is ongoing. It is being improved and expanding.

MOJO customers earned more than $ 25,000,000.

Average performance of MOJO customers:

40 000
orders per month
From 100 000 to 200 000
visits a day
From 1000 to 3000
paid orders per day


Gregory Silvano
Gregory Silvano
MOJO Research & Development

For over three years INOSTUDIO has partnered with MOJO to develop an industry-leading ecommerce and marketing platform. Technical expertise and business insight of the team allowed us to create one of the most exciting and breaking through products to hit the direct response industry in years.

Our team has driven the development of MOJO’s Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure, intuitive user interface, innovative ecommerce functionality to enhance conversion rates and average order values, and technically demanding functionality such as A/B testing engines.

INOSTUDIO team was always around demoing an outstanding level of engagement, helping on every step, working hard and thoughtful to make our clients happy.

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