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We develop reliable mobile applications on time and on budget

Native development
Cross-platform development

Business tasks we solve

Automate your business processes

By automating business processes, you can increase the company's performance.

Contribute to the positive image of your company

A branded application solves the issue of the company positioning in the market.

Simplify your communication with customers

You can do without sending newsletters. You can share the information about special offers, discounts, and delivery directly in the mobile app.

Increase your sales

Our app combines properly implemented logic and architecture, so, using some marketing activities, you can easily monetize the mobile app and increase the profit of your business.

Increase user loyalty

The mobile loyalty program replaces the loyalty card and increases the level of customer confidence in your brand.

How we work with the project

We analyze your business area

Before we start developing a software product, we look into the business niche of the future solution. Based on the research, we offer the best ways to solve the tasks.

We develop the visual design of the mobile app

We carefully work on the product’s visual design so that it could meet the goals. We create prototypes and mood boards, which later on build the basis of the overall design concept for the software product.

We provide transparency of the development process

We use modern and simple task management tools to mark the progress of the project. Our clients get full access to these tools, allowing you to see the current status of the project.

Key projects


Second place in the "Tagline Awards" competition, in the nomination "Best Promotion App".


After the release of the mobile app, the number of booked goods increased by 10%.


Laureate of the “Golden Application 2015” contest in the Lifestyle nomination.

Our guaranties and your benefits

During the project
Dedicated team

Specially for each project, the company selects members of the development team.


We comply with the terms and budget of the project. We provide timely reporting.


We use automated and manual testing techniques at all stages of the project. We undertake warranty service obligations.

After completing the project we provide
24/7 support

After the project is completed, we continue to interact closely with the customer. Upon request, we install automatic monitoring tools, update system software modules and monitor the vital indicators of the software product.


Together with the project, we will give you its technical passport, helping to understand the functional features of the product. In addition, after the completion of the project, we will continue to provide you with technical support and train your employees to work with the application.

Permanently we guarantee
Simple and easy communication

Are you comfortable with us using WhatsApp? - So do we! Do calls and e-mails sometimes seem so annoying? We understand you, therefore we always choose your most favorite messenger to communicate with you.

Our Areas of Expertise

React Native


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