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We develop web solutions for your business growth

Online stores
ERP- и SAAS-solutions

Business problems we solve

Expand your market

Do you have a platform that operates in only one country? Do you plan to expand the boundaries of your business and enter the global market? We can scale your business and adapt a platform to suit your business objectives.

Increase customer loyalty

It is hard to imagine a bank without a web application, a hypermarket without bonuses, a restaurant without a delivery service. All these tools are examples of effective implementation of loyalty programs,and today's customer is already used to that! We have extensive expertise in implementing loyalty programs for various business areas. We can help you to become number one on the “short list” of your clients.

Take your business online

If you have long planned to go online, it is high time now. We will analyze your business area, draw up the specification, implement the software solution and train your employees to work with it.

Put startup ideas into action

Do you have a business idea? We will help to implement and test it, and can also share our own experience in promoting software products on the world market.

Optimize business processes

Tired of constantly monitoring deadlines? Thinking of optimizing sales for a long time? We will do away with your pain: we can automate any working processes and boost the efficiency of your business.

Key projects


Second in the nomination "Best Community website", Tagline Awards


Third in the nomination "Retail webservice, portal and aggregator", Golden Site contest


Running in over 30 companies of various scales, on three continents

Web services we develop

Online Stores

Social networks

Corporate sites / portals

E-commerce Systems

ERP systems

Distance-learning systems

We provide DevOps services for projects of any complexity

What we can do for you

Product releases just in time

By automating deployment processes, we’ll dramatically speed up the development of your project

Quickly restore your service

We will minimize the total number of failures and recovery time for your application or infrastructure

Reduce failure rate when making changes

We can discover the problems connected with making changes before they enter the production environment

Protect the application code and functions

We will integrate additional security tools into the process of continuous integration and delivery

Reduce development costs

In our work, we use the “Infrastructure as Code” (IaC) model, which allows us to reduce the project deployment time and reuse our existing experience to quickly create new projects

Take over management and optimize IT infrastructure 

We will build the IT infrastructure so that in the future, there will be no problems with the scaling and fault tolerance of your project

Technologies we use

Continuous Integration Tools (CI / CD): GitLab CI, AWS Code Pipeline, Jenkins, Nexus, Docker

Databases: MSSQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Tarantool, DynamoDB

Serverless approach: Serverless Framework, Kubeless

Monitoring: Zabbix, Prometheus, Grafana, Elastic Stack, AWS CloudWatch, Azure Insights

Configuration Managers: Terraform, Ansible, AWS Cloudformation, Salt

Container Orchestration (IaC): Kubernetes, Amazon ECS, Docker Swarm

Cloud services: AWS, Azure, GCP, Rackspace, Yandex Cloud

Area of our expertise

PHP (Laravel, Symfony)


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