Digitalization. What is it

Digitalization. What is it

Maxim Bolotov

In our presentations, posts and other activities, we often talk about digitalization. Digitalization, transformation, digital economy... To speak the common language with you, we’ve decided to launch a series of articles that answer the most popular questions about it.

We start with general concepts - in the following articles we’ll be more specific.

Maxim Bolotov, our CEO, a board member of the RUSSOFT Association of software development companies in Russia will share his expertise here.

Digitalization. What is it?

There’s no unique definition for digitalization or digital transformation. There are pretty many of them.

I understand digitalization as reassembling a business with the help of digital technologies. I mean the technologies that allow you to make competent and effective management decisions based on data.

What is the difference between digitalization and automation?

Automation is, first of all, the replacement of manual labor with the labor of electronic computers.

Digitalization, however, implies the use of digital computer technology to restructure a business so that all decisions could be made on the basis of data.

It is impossible to digitize one particular part of a business. Digitalization permeates the entire company, thereby achieving the synergy of each of the parts on a single digital platform.

The company has decided to become digital, what should be done?

First of all, you need to make this decision - “We will be a digital company.”

Further, in my opinion, it is necessary to create a team that will deal with digital transformation. It will be the key to all the changes that will occur in the company. The team is also to develop a most reasonable and appropriate strategy for your business.

What are the potential results of digital transformation?

As a rule, the correct transformation of the company results in dramatic profit growth, reduction of staff costs, and increase in the importance of human capital.

Such companies begin to value those employees who are able to think independently and creatively, who are focused on the benefits of the business. That is how the company becomes stronger and more efficient.

How can our company help you with digital transformation?

Our company can help you see how and in what way you can carry out the digital transformation process most effectively. We can offer technologies that will make this process absolutely painless and least costly.

If you have questions about digitalization, contact us on Facebook so the we could take your wishes into account while preparing the following articles.

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