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We develop web services, mobile applications, automate business processes, and implement DevOps. We are available when you need an ingenious solution. For example, you need to develop an MVP for investors or a mobile app for a loyalty program. We are ready to work under NDA. Unfortunately, we cannot help with template solutions and postpaid projects. With us, such solutions will turn out unreasonably expensive for you because our processes are set up to solve complex problems.


We implement our projects on time and within budget. Therefore, at the very start, we evaluate the architecture, tools, the number of iterations and edits. In 15 years we have adjusted our processes so that developers' time-off cannot affect the project deadline. Once the work is completed, we give a 6-month guarantee and help your employees to learn how to use the new service.

Business essence

Our mission is to be a dream team. We fully integrate with each client's team to combine experience and share responsibility in order to get an outstanding result. We are building an open organization based on holacracy. The main principle is to minimize management hierarchy and bureaucracy while maximizing freedom and common sense.
Максим Болотов - CEO INOSTUDIO

Maxim Bolotov


Training and Work

We create a space where each partner is comfortable to work, study, and relax. Working with us is an opportunity for personal growth in a team of mindful and open people. Implement with us your meaningful projects and achieve the results you can be proud of. We always have tasks for both beginner specialists who want to develop themselves professionally and experienced professionals who need new challenges.

Our history

Over 17 years INOSTUDIO has doubled not only the team but also the professionalism: we have become the first developer company to use the BNSF framework on a project for online time-off planning and have been using the OpenTok API service since 2013. Have a look at the history of INOSTUDIO and learn about interesting and significant company events.

Building company brand starts.

Corporate training center opens.


Inostudio Projects Team, the company's innovative capital fund is established. Thanks to that, each employee has an opportunity to implement their idea using company funds on terms of an intellectual partnership.


Microsoft Partner Status.


Global geolocation service PinPoint is created.

Microsoft Gold Partner Status.


The company more than doubles, moving to a new office.


The agreement to establish SCINO, a joint laboratory of mobile and web development, is signed with Southern Federal University.

One of the top 15 IT companies in the South of Russia, according to Expert magazine.

Corporate culture and values form. ​​

Dream Company winner in the Rostov region & No 7 in the overall ranking. Dream Company is an all-Russian competition for regional employers.


Rebranding and the first stage of the new company development strategy.


INOSTUDIO trademark is registered.

Agreement on strategic cooperation is signed with the Internet marketing agency WebPraktik.

Golden Application of the Year competition, winner in category Lifestyle.

One of the top 100 Russian web integrators and top 55 digital outsourcing companies, acc. to Tagline.


10th anniversary of INOSTUDIO.


Golden Site competition winners, category Retail service, portal, and aggregator.


We adopt holacracy.


Tagline Awards winner.


Second prize in the Tagline Awards competition. Nominated as the Best Community Site.

Top 40 Tagline Rating of Mobile Application Developers. Top 50 leading digital production in Russia.

We have organized the first open-air festival BrainFest for 2000 people.


We have launched the first Flutter course.

We have held the first online corporate.





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