of web applications

We automate business and create digital solutions

Digital integration

Business automation, complex
web development, and integration of intranet solutions

Highload projects

We optimize the infrastructure, work with databases and servers, use modern tools and technologies to make your application ready for high loads.

Business process automation

We create corporate portals, cloud-based inventory and financial accounting systems, and also automate sales management. We integrate solutions into the internal framework and create a digital business platform.

Digital Solutions

Creation, development and support
of Internet projects


We develop responsive business websites with an emphasis on design. We select and implement a convenient content management system and integrate analytics.


We create constructors, configurators, social networks, message boards, and other web services. We know how to develop cloud services and make cool UIs.


  • PHP
  • Laravel
  • Symfony
  • SASS
  • WordPress/WooCommerce
  • C#
  • Java Script
  • TypeScript
  • CSS3
  • HTML5
  • React.js
  • Angular.js
  • Node.js

A cloud platform for the quick launch of shopping sites

11 years cooperation
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A configurator for private houses

1 year cooperation
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HR Portal for Alfa-Bank

2 years cooperation
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English Services

A service for learning English

7 years cooperation
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Development & design: an online catalog of LED technology

1 year cooperation
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A cloud-based ERP system for warehouses: inventory control and sales management

10 years cooperation
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What are the stages of web development?

The work begins before the official start of the project. A commercial service specialist and a business analyst immerse themselves in your business and find out the challenges the project faces. After signing the contract, the creation of the web solution begins.

— As we work on technical specifications and design, we gather all requirements and plan the visual concept of the future solution. During this stage, we prepare a complete project concept, which enables you to continue the project with us or another company.

— The next step is the design phase. UI/UX specialists work on all page layouts and prepare a clickable prototype of a web solution. You will see what the product interface will look like. The prototype allows you to make adjustments before the design is implemented.

— Layout designers transform design layouts into code, and developers implement the functional part of the web solution. All the work is divided into sprints, and you can track progress by their results.

— Further on, the developed digital solution moves to the testing stage. QA specialists are responsible for the product quality, so they monitor the compliance with the specification requirements and the prepared design.

After the work is complete, we do not leave you as we are ready to provide technical support and improve the digital solution further. We are confident in our solution quality, so we give a 6-month warranty.

Do you design web applications?

Absolutely. We can design a web solution from scratch. We can develop a design based on your corporate identity. We can redesign an existing website, portal or service. When working with design, we follow the rule - aesthetics and functionality are the basis of a digital solution. We make the web application easy to use while sticking to its visual concept.

How many people work on the project?
The number of employees involved in the project depends on the volume and complexity of the web solution. We can list below the specialties involved at each stage.
Specification and Design Concept: project manager, technical writer, designer, technical team leader.
Design: project manager, designer, technical team leader.
Development and Testing: coder, developer, QA, system administrator, designer, project manager, account manager.

What determines the cost and timing of web application development?
Here, we cannot give you specific figures and deadlines, since we do not work with template projects. We are approached with specific business problems that we solve through development. The cost and terms of the project depend on the complexity of the web solution and how many specialists are involved in the project.

We can guide you on pricing models. We work under Time & Material and Fixed Price contracts. With Time & Material, you pay for the number of hours we spend developing your web solution. The cost of an hour of work is 2,900 rubles. With Fixed Price, we study the requirements for the project, analyze the functionality, determine the stages of work and set fixed deadlines and a fixed budget.

If you want to know how much your project will cost, please contact our managers. They will guide you in terms of time and budget, based on the tasks set.
Can you help with preparing a development specification for a web application?

Definitely. If you need a specification, our company will help you to draw it up. We will study the business features and your target audience, look into the requirements for the product and find out your expectations. We will interact with you through iterative interviewing (there may be several meetings). Our main task is to understand your expectations about a future digital solution and describe them in the specification.

Will you help with the promotion of the developed web solution?

We do not do promotion, we do development. But we can recommend you our partners who provide marketing promotion services, SEO optimization and web analytics.


We can tell you the exact price after estimating our labor costs: we will figure out the necessary number of technological components, the composition and size of the team, and the complexity of the architecture.
We work both under fixed-price and Time & Materials contracts.

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