We help turn your idea into a project; we use Lean production methodology

What we do


We will develop a model of the final product based on user scenarios, think over the application logic and future architecture.


We create a minimum viable product with which you test your business idea and research the audience demand.

Support at the investment stage

We will transfer the code to the investors' servers. We will help you prepare a selling presentation and a documentation package for investors.

Investor presentation

We will help you prepare a selling presentation and a documentation package for investors.

Why we do it well

We have experience in launching our own startups, so we know the whole process from the inside: how to test hypotheses, prepare a speech for a presentation, and attract investors.

We draw on the experience gained in the development of startups for our clients. We help to think over the MVP functionality and develop a promotion strategy. We become a product team and support the project at the stage of growth and expansion.

Useful materials

Articles, webinars, and books about launching startups

Lean production methodology

The Lean Startup approach involves cutting costs and reducing waste, continually testing the product, getting clients' feedback, and developing the service based on it.

3 principles of Lean methodology

  1. Instead of a detailed business plan, we make some hypotheses looking more like a business model canvas, showing the value to us and our clients.
  2. Customer development method: surveying potential users about all elements of the business model. We build a minimal product, get instant feedback from clients and, based on that, start a new cycle.
  3. Agile development is the gradual creation of an MVP.

MVP for the delivery of consumer goods

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English Services

A service for learning English

7 years cooperation
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A cloud platform for the quick launch of shopping sites

11 years cooperation
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Top questions from a startup to the contractor
When will the MVP be ready, and how much will it cost?

Alas, it is impossible to immediately tell the exact implementation timing since the development speed depends on the MVP functionality. But we will do our best to launch the startup as quickly as possible. We strive to develop not just a working version of the MVP but a debugged digital solution.

The cost also depends on the complexity of the product. We use two pricing models — Time & Material and Fixed Price. With Time & Material, you pay for the working hours spent developing a startup. The price per hour is $40. With Fixed Price, we study the requirements for the project, analyze the functionality, define the stages of work, and set a fixed time frame and a fixed budget.

What are the risks to the project, and how do you work with them?

We understand that a startup is always a risk. Let's focus on working with the most common mistakes.

  • Bringing it to perfection. You can feel assured that we do pay attention to analytics, think about the end-user, and choose the initially essential functions for the MVP. We will play exactly that bad cop, but we will definitely release a working product.
  • Understaffing. We have our in-house developers, project managers, testers, and system administrators. Even if one specialist leaves, another will take over the work. Nothing will stop or interrupt it.
  • Lockdown. Working in distributed teams is not a problem for us. We can develop and launch a startup remotely. For us, non-working days are working ones because IT companies are continuously operating organizations.
  • Developing a product out of touch with the user needs. We work with each client as a product team. We analyze startup tasks, study user behavior, evaluate the functionality, and participate in product evolution.
Do you help to prepare for the investor presentation?

Yes, we can help. We can prepare a clickable prototype to present your idea. You will not just tell investors about your startup also you will show them a prototype of a digital product. We can also help you prepare a selling presentation and the necessary package of documents. If you need advice from a startup expert, we have one. We have fallen into this trap many times, so we have something to share. It's not free :)

How can I be sure you will keep my idea a secret?

If you are afraid that you will come to us, tell us your idea, and we will listen to you and develop a startup ourselves, no worries. Firstly, it contradicts our principles — we work with each client as a team. We build our relationships with clients on openness and honesty. Secondly, to make you feel sure that your idea will be safe, we can conclude an NDA. And this will not affect the cost of the project. And, thirdly, we are passionate about our work, so we have no idea of "stealing" someone's startup. The roles are assigned clearly — you invent, we develop.

What are the stages of work on the project?

We start with analytics to dive deeper into the project. We find out the goals and objectives of the startup, your vision of the product, and your wishes. We help choose the MVP functions that are essential to start developing the product.

Having clarified the entire context, we select a technology stack and a product team and start the development. The project work is divided into key stages, and at the end of each, we present a specific result. You will clearly understand the state of the project.

While the work is in progress, you can come up with new ideas and suggestions, and we will bring them in, in the following iterations. We know that startups tend to change fast, and we know how to approach this kind of projects development flexibly.

What kind of startup work experience do you have?

We develop complex, high-tech projects with high workloads and complex integrations. We work in the following industries: e-commerce, construction, EdTech, and delivery of goods. We know how to create marketplaces, cloud platforms, cross-platform and native applications, also startups with artificial intelligence.

And if your startup is from an area new to us, we will stick to the general principles of business development. We will be excited to dive into a new industry.

Will you help with the promotion?

No. We excel in developing digital solutions. And we want to do what we can do well. Promotion is out of our scope.


The final price of the project is set after drawing up the backlog. We know how to work under Time&Materials contracts.
We are ready to work under NDA.

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