IT outsourcing

We develop complex web and mobile solutions for Russian and foreign clients

Why we do it well

We provide a transparent development process

We provide full access to tasks. You see the current state of the project and estimate the amount of work done. At the end of each iteration we show the progress of development, discuss the results, and create the pool of tasks for further work.

We can join in the development at any stage

If the previous contractor has abandoned the project to its fate and has not left the documentation, we can save the day: we will bring in our competent specialists, quickly get to grips with the code, and implement the project on time and on budget.

We meet deadlines

We use flexible project management methodologies that allow us to clearly structure the pool of tasks and quickly adjust to changeable market demands.

We provide clean code

We analyze the development process, deal with complexity, write clean and clear code.

What we do

We develop web solutions of various complexity:

We develop web solutions of various complexity:

  • Cloud e-commerce platforms
  • ERP and SaaS solutions
  • Responsive sites and portals
  • Distance learning systems
  • Social networks
We develop native and cross-platform mobile applications for:

We develop native and cross-platform mobile applications for:

  • Businesses going online
  • Increasing profits by automating communication with сlients
  • Boosting user loyalty

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You will not need to pay insurance and social taxes, since outsourcing specialists do not have to be staffed.


We calculate the final price of the project after drawing up the technical task or if it is provided at the start of the project
We work both under fixed-price and Time & Materials contracts.

Fill in the application form

Tell us about the project, and we will implement it

Once we have received your application, we will contact you within 4 hours: first we will discuss the project goals and requirements then draw up a cooperation plan.

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