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What We Do

Web design

We develop responsive designs for websites, portals, social networks, and any other web services. We think out the design concept, build the interaction logic, and design interfaces based on usability principles. In our work, we take into account the tasks of the business and the needs of the audience. We are ready both to create a design from scratch or start redesigning an existing solution.

Mobile design

We develop designs for native and cross-platform applications. We work out the application UX/UI design following Apple and Google guidelines. When making the design, we take into account the psychology of user behavior in the mobile application.

Our Field of Expertise

UX design

UX design provides the usability of a digital solution. We design the structure, build scripts, think over the content arrangement. The goal is that users easily and quickly get from the digital solution what they need. The challenge is to design the interface structure so that your audience can get a positive user experience.

UI design

UI design makes up the aesthetic aspect of a digital solution. If UX is about how a product works, then UI is about what it looks like. Here we focus on the color palette, fonts, typography, infographics, animation. We visualize the user experience and "animate" the product interface.

Corporate Digital Identity

We make the corporate style reflect the values, mood, and emotional message of the company. We create a system of visual elements for the digital environment: logo, colors, fonts, and design options for social networks.

Our approach

In our work, we follow the rule — aesthetics and function are at the heart of a digital solution. We do our best to make the product simple and easy to use. At the same time, we keep an eye on its visual component.

When creating a design, we use the following tools: Figma, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects.

What the Working Process Looks Like

UI/UX-design of Web and Mobile Interfaces

1.Immersion in the project

To develop a UI/UX design, you need to immerse yourself in the project. To do this, we conduct interviews with the client, study the target audience and find out the business objectives.

2.Working out the Logic of the Product

Based on the collected information, we create wireframes for the site or application. We think over and draw animations, prepare and test prototypes of the future product.

3.Development of the Aesthetic Part

To understand the stylistic preferences of the client and the business, we put together a mood board. Then we develop user interface design for the entire project. And finally, we create a UI kit for the project: a set of interface components that are reused in the system and make up the general visual style of the site or mobile application.

4.Design review

To ensure that the product looks the way it was intended, we conduct design reviews during development process.

Corporate Digital Identity


We study the company in order to make the identity correctly convey corporate values.


We form a uniform style of the product throughout the digital space.


We create a logo and prepare documentation that describes the rules of use, usage options, and a color palette.


We design social networks in a corporate style. We preparу templates for posts and stories, create profile headers and avatars.


We create sets of illustrations for the customer's goals.

HR Portal for Alfa-Bank

2 years cooperation
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MVP for the delivery of consumer goods

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A mobile app for organizing and holding events, development

1 year cooperation
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After the cooperation on the project is complete, we transfer a set of source files for design solutions: wireframe or clickable prototypes, layouts, and UI Kits.

You can easily move on to the next iteration — the product development phase. All visual materials are adapted for further developers’ work.


The final cost of the project is formed after drawing up project specifications, clarifying details and wishes
We work both under fixed-price and Time&Materials contracts.
Hourly rate — 41$
Ready to work under NDA.

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