Development of Stolichki mobile application
for increasing customer loyalty

About project

Mobile app based on iOS and Android platforms
for customers of the pharmacies network Stolichki.

Business tasks
that we’ve solved

01. Increasing the loyalty of customers

Mobile app “Stolichki” makes interaction between customers and the brand easier: there are the oppurtunities to book drugs, to find the nearest pharmace, to know about availability of goods, to monitor the quantity of the earned points and to provide feedback.

02. Solving strategic objectives

Booking the goods reduces lines in pharmaces and opportunities of the mistakes of placing the order. It allows to talk about reducing the quantity of the lost customers, partial automating the business processes, increasing positive attitude towards brand, and as a result, revenue growth.

Project results


The ammount of bookings goods increased by about 10% after the mobile app had released.


According to client’s research reliasing of the mobile app, it reached their main goal - to increase customers loyalty.


01. Product catalog

The app includes detailed product catalog. Every good has a photo, price, description and the indication in what pharmacy it is in the availability. Also user can add the good to the favourite.

02. Integration with google map

The customer can find the nearest pharmacy and book medicines in it by using integrated Google map in the app.

03. Shopping cart

Products can be added in the shopping cart, after that the customer can book them in the most convenient pharmacy by location.

04. Your account

Through personal account customers can track their own orders and easy interact with selected products easily.

05. Feedback

It’s important for our client to receive feedbacks about quality of service in pharmacies, work of the app, so the app has a feedback form, also you can contact to app support team using popular messangers.

06. Special offers

In the mobile app Stolichki you can find a tape with special offers. By clicking the customer can read more about the terms of special offer and find out dates of holding.

07. Goods searching by barcode

We added barcode scanner for quick searching the necessary goods in a catalog.

08. Card of regular customer

Using our app a user can activate the loyal customer card to buy the goods with sale.

09. Loyalty program

Thanks to mobile app you can track the bonus points.

Something about the client

Our customer is a network of social pharmacies “Stolichki”, which are part of the Neofarm holding. The first pharmacy was opened in 2000.

Now Stolichki is more than 500 pharmacies in Moscow and the regions. The company is positioning itself as a socially-oriented brand with flexible pricing.

Project facts

The prototype of the design was approved at the stage of requirement specification. So it facilitated approval of the app screens.

The project continues to live and develop. In accordance with users’ feedback and customer strategy, we have released new versions of the app.

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Swift
  • Java
  • Node.js
  • Firebase
  • Google Maps
  • Crashlytics
  • Fabric

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