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2011 — 2013
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A multi-platform web application for storing, searching for and conveniently processing places of interest and favorite destinations on a map, supporting mobile iOS / Android clients, an archive project.


In 2011, we came up with the idea of a public cartographic service that would allow us to give up and do without physical addresses and switch to an electronic coordinate system.

The PinPoint project was conceived as a single notebook (Evernote for places) for geographic information so it has extensive social features for communicating with other users.

Business challenges we’ve solved

Testing ideas

After studying the mapping services, we decided to launch an MVP in order to test the project idea and search for specific functional features, the most attractive ones for the target audience.

Promotion of a unique product idea

In order to bring the product to the market, the project team developed a promotion strategy for the application, based on the market needs research. They also made a value proposition and attracted partners to the project.

How the app works

The service has a simple intuitive interface, easy to understand for anyone. To start work, the user has to register. Then they get into their personal account, from where they can create points on the map, with some semantic content (pins).

The user can add a description and illustrations to each pin, as well as add tags and select the level of privacy: public, private (available only to the creator) or secret (available via a unique link). After that, the user can use the pin for their own purpose, e.g. to get around quickly, or share it with friends, colleagues or partners.

Functional features

1. Personal account

We also implemented the user’s personal space in the app, accessible in one of the following ways: by creating a unique username and password or by logging in via Facebook. From a personal account, the user can manage their personal data, create pins, combine them into arbitrary thematic groups (sets), and adjust their privacy levels.

2. Integration with maps

In order to most accurately display the maps in the selected region, we integrated into the application 3 map services: Google Maps, Bing Maps, Yandex Maps, and automated switching between them, depending on their suitability and efficiency in a particular area.

3. Creating pins

As mentioned before, the main function is to create personal tags (pins). At the same time, the user can attach a unique name and information page to each object marked with a pin. Using the name of the tag, the service is able to find the requested place with two clicks, whether it is a house, a restaurant or a historical landmark.

4. Pin sets

Pins with similar themes can be combined into thematic sets, making it easier for users to navigate among the tags. Thus, you can plan your stay in a city or region.

5. Privacy

Depending on the type of event, the user can adjust the privacy settings for the pin: public, private or secret.

6. Convenient pin search

Any pin can be found with the search bar. Moreover, the search makes maximum use of the information, including tags, a unique name and description, as well as comments.

7. Sharing

Users can share tags using a unique location identifying link.

8. The function of viewing neighboring places on the map

Using the Explore mode, the user gets all the necessary information about potential and previously viewed places of interest around the selected location.

Project Facts

In 2011, the PinPoint project idea was presented three times at international conferences and competitions:

  • at the Startup Week conference in Vienna;
  • at the IDCEE startups competition in Kiev, where it was shortlisted;
  • on a pitch of pre-selected startups Seedcamp in Paris.

What did we learn during the implementation of the project?

Pinpoint is an important project of our company. While implementing it, we gained invaluable experience in product and startup development, project promotion, the use of cartographic and social services, as well as in design.

Now we can efficiently apply the acquired knowledge in all projects while concentrating on solving significant tasks for your business and achieving ambitious goals.

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Google maps
  • Yandex maps
  • Bing maps
  • Geolocation API
  • Twitter API
  • Facebook API
  • VK API
  • Sphinx
  • Windows 8
  • Windows Phone 8
  • Android
  • Java
  • iOS
  • Objective C
  • C#
  • Xaml
  • jQuery

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