English Services

A service for studying business English

2015 — present


An online platform customers use to study English, quickly mastering the finer points of business and graduating to the level of the international corporate world.

The history of creation


The client came to us looking to build a platform for learning English. We analyzed the market together and came up with a concept, after which we got to work and eventually launched the project.


It was decided to upgrade the service so that the platform could meet current trends and user demands in the new target market.

Business challenges met

01. Elite quality of education

By attracting native English-speaking teachers who have personal experience working in the business world, English Services met its goal of delivering market-leading service and education quality.

02. Online business development

The key driver for the project is to develop the online business by offering packages of lessons site users can purchase.

03. New market launch

English Services is currently breaking into the Middle East market, a move that necessitated localizing the site into a right-to-left language.


01. Personal profile

Each user role has a portal adapted to fit its particular needs, letting them manage lesson schedules, track statistics, select lesson package types, and much more.

02. Video-conferencing

Zoom is smoothly integrated into the system, giving students and teachers a quality environment in which to study together.

03. Payment system

One payment method English Services offers is built on Stripe integration, which lets users track their payments right in their profile.

04. Notifications

The portal includes a robust notification system that automatically segments notifications depending on their urgency and expected response.

05. Chat

An internal chat system drives communication between site users, the admin, and the group of teachers.

06. Localization

To make sure the platform is as simple as possible for each user, all times are shown in their local time zone. The site also supports three languages: English, Arabic, and Russian.

Four user types

01. Admin

  • invites administrators, partners, and teachers;
  • tracks payments and statistics for all user types;
  • manages lesson packages;
  • sets customized discounts.

02. Partner

  • signs an agreement;
  • creates and pays for lesson packages;
  • invites students;
  • tracks student progress;
  • schedules group lessons.

03. Teacher

  • selects a contract with the admin;
  • chooses a rate;
  • sets availability;
  • evaluates and tracks no-shows.

04. Student

Can be attached to a corporate client or study independently, either way they:

  • select lesson packages;
  • schedule lessons;
  • choose a teacher;
  • make payments.

Four lesson package types

01. Trial

Available for two weeks after registration and before the contract is signed.

02. Evaluation

A service designed to establish the student's level, including a grammar test, an essay section, and a meeting with a specially trained teacher.

03. Individual

One-on-one lessons.

04. Group

Lessons for groups of up to six students.

The end result

Since 2015, the project has gone from a small-scale startup in Russia to become an international service spanning three continents (North America, Africa, and Eurasia).

We continue to push forward, working with WES to deliver on the project's lofty promise.

  • Redis
  • React
  • Laravel
  • Typescript
  • Docker
  • Mysql
  • PHP
  • Sockect.io
  • Mobx

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