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  • Optimization of material and human resources
  • Entering new markets
  • Business scaling
  • Increasing market share
  • Automation of production processes
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Web development

We develop sites, portals, online stores, configurators, ERP and SaaS solutions that successfully cope with the user load. We make sure that pages load quickly, the connection to the server is stable, and your customers keep calm and remain loyal to the brand.

Mobile development

We implement native and cross-platform applications that are always at hand for your customers. We motivate users to buy: we build in marketing tools for timely information about promotions, discounts, and sales. We form brand loyalty: we get your customers to lighten their wallets by integrating a loyalty card into their smartphone.

IT outsourcing

We provide in-house specialist developers. We can join the project at any stage, promptly look into it and make out the nuances, and get down to work in accordance with business priorities. We carry out simple communications, provide access to task managers, as well as arrange demonstrations of the intermediate result.


We transfer business "to the cloud": we reduce expenses for the purchase and maintenance of stationary equipment. We care about the security of the IT infrastructure: we implement continuous integration tools CI/CD, check the code for vulnerabilities, and eliminate security threats.


We form a team interested in the success of your idea, develop MVPs and project prototypes. We use flexible project management methodologies that allow us to clearly structure a pool of tasks and quickly adapt to changeable market demands. We do everything conscientiously: we write clean code and solve specific problems without faking the working process.

Express service

We provide one-off services to quickly diagnose problems. We find pain points in the current project and offer a change plan. We make landing pages for launching new products. We integrate a site with services, create a prototype in Figma. We also help to update site certificates or set up an IT infrastructure for remote work.

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The final cost of the project is formed after drawing up project specifications, clarifying details and wishes.

Ready to work under NDA.

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