Mobile app based on iOS for communication and fun

2017 — 2018


Mobile AR-app

The history of creation


We’ve started the work with a client, it was a huge service, but due to the change of company’s priorities, the project was temporarily suspended.

2017 — 2018

The client came back to us with a startup idea.

Business tasks,
that we’ve solved

01. MVP implementation

The client came to us with a big startup idea. We’ve described the statement of work for the project’s realization and singled out the main function of MVP.

02. Receiving a profit

MVP app was monetized and allows the user to get additional benefits after in-app purchase.

About the app

Imagine, now you can communicate with other people with no limits. The whole world is open for you. Make a declaration of love, tell somebody, that the cafe around the corner is full of the most tasty pastry, and an angry dog is in the home 18 or, simply, send greetings to city in the morning. The app shows you the map and get your current location.

Then you can switch to the camera mode and leave text signs in augmented reality on your city streets. The mark about your installation appears on the map. The mark will be shown on the map during 2 days since the inception. To see your message, a user needs to be at the same point. You can appreciate any text sign – like or dislike it.

Functional features

01. Augmented reality

Through the smartphone camera a user see different city streets, and due to AR-technologies the reality is complemented and virtual installations literally overlap on everything around.

02. Integration with Google map

The app receives the current location of the app audience using integration with Google map. It is necessary for the right mapping of installations.

03. Personal account

The app is available for authorised users. In My Content section the user can find all current text signs, the number of views, likes/dislikes and the duration of its existence.

04. Likes/Dislikes

As a social interaction in the MVP phase, we decided to add approval symbols. Every sign can be appreciated by other users. Likes and dislikes also help to filter the content.

05. Shop

The facility of in-app purchasing has been introduced to monetize the app. The user can buy in-app currency to extend the period of content existence, – point.

06. Ban

When the number of dislikes reaches 50% of the installation number of views, the text sign is blocked as an explicit content.

A little bit about the project

The client contacted us with a simple idea, written in a couple of lines with no notion of its’ technical realization: We just want to add stickers in the augmented reality. In collaboration with our experts the concept of startup and its’ statement of work was finished

Consider the fact, that the MVP is on the testing stage. On the basis of analytics of users interest in such app, our clients will decide are they ready to continue the development of the startup.

Apple has announced the ARKit platform in June 2017. We started the active development phase already in December, based on platform, that has been constantly updated by Apple company. The actual absence of code example and regular updates also made changes in the process of project development.

Design features

The design features were also dependent on the need for a simple and fast app development within MVP. The location of UI-elements on the screen is designed to maximize the display area of the map and content without losing the convenience of interacting with it.

When a person use the app, all functionally important elements always remain tied to the bottom edge of the screen, even when scrolling through the page. So we guarantee the availability of the main action at any moment of interaction with the app.

When a user create the content, he or she takes the photo of the intended text sign location. The photo is used as the background and blurred. It helps to pick color and text for the real environment. The photo also used for preview mode and for viewing the result on the map and in the content card. Due to this approach we rid the user of the necessity to make additional preview, we make the process of adding the content more simple and moreover optimize the hours of work on the project, that is especially important for MVP.

  • Swift
  • ARKit
  • In-app Purchase
  • C#
  • Google Maps SDK for iOS and APIs

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