A mobile app for organizing and holding events, development

About the project

Backyard, a mobile app for organizing and holding events.

Idea and implementation

Our client is the owner of a worldwide network of coworking centers. To attract new customers and increase profits in San Jose, California, he started setting up the necessary facilities. Eventually, the task turned out to have two main components: creating a pop-up park and holding thematic events. We developed iOS / Android apps to help with organizing and hosting such events.

A pop-up-park (POP — point of presence) is a platform set up from scratch, the brand's point of presence for holding political conferences, professional meetups, and thematic evenings. Anyone can organize and run an event or take part in it as a listener or speaker.

Tasks for the INOSTUDIO team

While our client was working with the facilities, we were developing the app, Backyard. We prepared a unified system that includes organizing events, booking and purchasing tickets, and marketing analytics tools.


To get registered in the application, users enter a name, a mobile phone number and provide an SMS confirmation. After authorization, they can book tickets for the event.

Event poster

On the main screen, we implemented a poster with information about available events. Users can filter the events by date and category; also, they can see the details of any event: description, time and location, information about the organizer, the number of available seats, and the ticket price.

Booking and buying tickets

Some events are free, while there is an admission fee for other ones. So users have to book a ticket through the app, indicating the number of participants and paying for the order through the Stripe payment system.


We added an encrypted autosave function to protect the personal data of users. So users do not have to enter the credit card number each time they buy tickets.

Push notifications

As soon as the event parameters change, for example, when the event is postponed or canceled, users receive push notifications.

Feedback form

So that users could share their impressions of the system and suggest ways to improve it, we provided a feedback form. Through it, for instance, we improved the app, adding the function of purchasing multiple tickets.

Product Analytics

It was important for the client to have access to statistical data on user actions. That is why we integrated the application with the Mixpanel business analytics tool.

Admin panel

For the convenience of community managers, we developed an admin panel in the application. The client's employees can create and edit events, view statistics on ticket sales, and collect user feedback.

Scanning the QR code on the ticket

In the application, we have implemented hidden functions accessible only to some particular roles. For example, the “Security” role can scan QR codes of tickets and view purchases statistics. This solution does not complicate the application logic, as the “Security” role needs only to wait for permission from the administrator.

Integration with maps

We integrated the application with the map so that every event visitor or participant could easily find the venue.

Project outcomes

As a result, the Backyard app helped to hold more than 1,000 events for 12,000 people in the first three months of the pop-up park's operation.

Client's testimonial

INOSTUDIO's team filled a critical gap in skillsets, delivering exceptional mobile development services to launch the product on time. This is due to their proactive project management and efficient workflows. Organized and transparent, they were almost always available to hop on a call. For the next project, I'll just go straight for INOSTUDIO as we had such a great positive experience.

Technology stack

KotlinSwiftCoroutinesAlamofireJetPackKingfisherDaggerKeychainSwiftRetrofitOHHTTPStubs SwiftRealmTimberGlideLeakCanaryJunitMockitoStripe

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