Kings of capitalism

Info Mobile Application for Investors

About the Project

The application is designed to inform users about the stock performance of Kings and Princes. Kings are reliable companies that have conquered the market. And Princes are growing companies, ready to dethrone the Kings.

The algorithms of the application suggest who you should invest in: a King or a Prince. Users can get detailed information about the Kings and Princes at any time: stock quotes, financial forecasts, and important news.

Tasks Our Team Was To Solve

  • Take over the application from the previous development team and prepare it for release. The key goal is to release a simple tool for investors.
  • Rework and build the project infrastructure strictly by DevOps rules.
  • Update the design.
  • Monetize the application through paid content.

Problem Solving: What We Did

Further Application Development

Carried out a complete refactoring and added the missing functions to the application.

User Registration

Added registration and personal profile. Users can manage their paid subscription, enable/disable push notifications, and contact support.

Guest Login

Added guest login option. The user can enter the application without registration, get acquainted with it and decide on further interaction.


Made a tutorial that pops up on the first application launch. Users can get acquainted with the platform opportunities.

Investment Section

Added the investment section. This section contains articles about companies included in the lists of Kings or Princes. And the News section contains the news from the investment world.

Push Notifications

Simplified the model for receiving recommendations. Users do not need to subscribe to email newsletters or visit websites to find out the information about the stock market. They receive a push notification on their phone or go to the app and study the spreadsheet.

Server Stabilization

Redesigned and built the application infrastructure strictly by DevOps rules. We added backup, worked on fault tolerance, and strengthened the security.


Updated the application design and developed a dark theme.

App Monetization

To solve the problem of monetization, we introduced some paid content, Princes of Capitalism. The Princes option is available by subscription. You can pay monthly or purchase a year-long subscription. Users can learn about emerging companies and make decisions about buying their shares.

Implemented text and video ads for Princes. So the application informs its users about additional features.


Client about Our Work

We just want to say that working with you was incredible. You are all really hardworking, and you have brought in so much to the project. Thank you for the implementation despite the tight timing. You helped our business create a paid product through the subscription. This has been our biggest victory. We enjoyed working with your team and would recommend you to anyone looking to build their first app!

The Team about Working with Client


project manager

It was great to work on this project. In a friendly atmosphere, we discussed different ways to solve the problems we faced, offered our ideas how to improve the application. Everybody felt that both parties were equally involved in the process and interested in making a good product. Our team got a great experience, and the Client received a high-quality competitive application that meets both their requirements and the requirements of the modern market. Everyone was satisfied!



The work on the project was lively, we managed to work closely with the Client, discuss various innovations and come up with the right decisions that affected the application. When we did not agree with the client’s decisions, we were able to explain our opinion and offer our ideas on implementation. Personally for me, it was a great experience with the light and dark theme in the application.


  • Kochava for tracking user actions in the application and collecting statistics.
  • Benzinga as the source of financial metrics and news about Kings and Princes so that the application main algorithm could operate.
  • Google Play to implement paid subscriptions in the Android application.
  • Google Ads to implement embedded advertising in the Android application.
  • Apple Store to implement paid subscriptions and inline advertising in an iOS application.


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