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2020 — until now
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Project and client

Alfa-Bank is the largest privately-owned bank in Russia, which ranks fourth by total assets. It has about 800 branches and offices in more than 100 cities of the country.

On a daily basis, according to, the bank offers an average of 1,000 vacancies. There is a growing demand for professionals in different areas: sales management, information technology, administrative staff, etc. The vacancies are offered all over Russia. Therefore, the portal has to be able to handle large numbers of user requests and to correctly display the information about jobs in a particular region.

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the bank is looking for
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Client’s goals

Challenges we had to meet while developing the new career site:

  • Move the portal to the internal infrastructure of the bank to increase the level of information security and enable the site support by the IT department of the bank.
  • Update the stack of technologies used for the site development.
  • Enable the independent content changes (without the help of developers).
  • And additionally, update the design of the HR portal.


The HR portal we developed shows the current vacancies of Alfa-Bank in all regions of Russia and meets the new information security requirements.

01. Information security

The bank is strengthening its information security and seeks to locate all services in the internal infrastructure. The former career site was hosted on third-party servers managed by external contractors. To ensure that the HR portal meets the new security requirements, we have moved it to the internal infrastructure of Alfa-Bank.

02. New technologies

The old version of the site was using technologies that were irrelevant for the bank. We have updated the stack, and now the bank employees can provide technical support independently.

03. Simple site administration

On the new career site, we have implemented block-structured page editing. Now the bank employees can change the content without the help of technical specialists. We also made customizable forms for collecting candidates’ responses. You can add and remove fields and customize the validation of the entered data.

04. Updated besign

We redesigned the HR portal in line with the Alfa-Bank brand book and lightened the colors.

HR portal structure

The career site consists of the following sections:

Home VacanciesStart your Career
01. Home

On the Homepage, there is a search bar that helps to find a vacancy. Also, a user can see the corporate values ​​of Alfa-Bank and go to the list of vacancies using various preset filters.

02. Vacancies

The section Vacancies allows you to find a vacancy depending on the city, area of expertise, and work experience. And those who want to keep their finger on the pulse can subscribe to the newsletter of current vacancies by email.

03. Start your career

The section Start your Career is intended for those who are just starting their professional career. Here users can get introduced to the principles of work and the training program as well as find out the conditions of the internship. You can also leave an application for the internship and see a list of vacancies where work experience is not required.

Integrations and technologies


For the site to fulfill all its tasks, we had to integrate it with various services.

Trend Micro, an email notification service for site administrators and users.

Sending SMS through the internal bank service, a message to confirm the phone number.

Google reCAPTCHA v3, a captcha for spam protection.

DaData, a service for determining a visitor's geolocation city by IP.

E-Staff, a bank HR service platform for managing vacancies and collecting responses.

Google Tag Manager, a tool for collecting analytics from a Job site.


Express Next.jsReact Arui-featherArui-feather React-hook-formSWR Recaptcha
Admin panel
React ReduxRedux-toolkit SWRReact-prime React-hook-form

We have developed an HR portal that meets the new security requirements and complies with the corporate identity of Alfa-Bank.

324 000 324 000

views per month

78 000 78 000

visitors per month

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