Development of Samson Club mobile application
for promotions in order to increase customer loyalty

2015, 2017, 2018
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About project

Mobile app based on iOS and Android platforms
for Samson customers club.

Second place in the contest


Promo app

History of creation


Samson food asked us to create a mobile app for promotions of Samson™.


After fruitful cooperation during the first stage of project and action effectiveness analysis, the client turned to us again with a request to expand functionality of the app.


Based on the results of market research, we decided to change the logic of the app in order to achieve maximum results for marketing indicators chosen by the client.

Business tasks
that we’ve solved

01. Increasing the loyalty of customers

Making re-purchase – this is the main task of the app. Bonus rubles, a section of recipes increase customer loyalty.

02. Solving strategic objectives

Profit and expand market horizons – strategic goals of any company, and the mobile app is successfully coping with its achievement.

03. Brand awareness increase

The branded app allows Samson Food products to position itself on the market as a progressive company that uses advanced technologies and remains in touch with customers on a 24-hour basis.

Principle of the
app work


On Samson’s product label is QR-code. Opening a product, buyer scans the code in Samson Club mobile app with a smartphone camera.


The code is automatically recognized and activated, and bonus rubles are credited to user’s account.


Accumulated bonus rubles can be withdrawn on a bank account or replenished with a mobile phone account.


01. QR-code scanner

With the help of smartphone camera, a user can recognize QR-code stuck on label and get bonus rubles on the personal account.

02. Personal account

User can find out the amount of bonus rubles, the history of its write-off/accrual, and go to the website to withdraw money to bank account or to mobile phone account.

03. Product catalog

The app includes detailed product catalog of Samson™. Choosing a product, you can get acquainted with its composition, energy value, find out where to buy, and see meals that can be made using the product.

04. Points of sale

Attached map shows all points of sales. User can select stores selling only promotional products in the filtering panel.

05. Gourmet block

Useful for users has become a section with recipes of company’s meat products. A detailed description of the cooking process, as well as photos of meals, increase customer loyalty. Also search by prescriptions is realized.

06. Intuitive interface

App design takes into account the needs and preferences of the target audience vast age range (15 to 65 years).

A little bit about the client

“FreshFood” group of companies is one of the leading providers of fresh meat by retail. The company has it’s own special philosophy of nutrition — culture consumption and market developing of fresh meat and food.

Among “FreshFood” partners are the largest food retailers in Russia, such as: “Auchan”, “Metro Cash&Carry”, “Perekrestok”, “Carousel”, “Pyaterochka” and so on.

About previous versions

In previous app versions, user manually entered a promo code specified on the product packaging after product purchase. At the same time, protection against automatic code selection was introduced. For the purchase of goods, user received points, which then could be exchanged for gifts.

Manual input of code was rather inconvenient for buyer, therefore, according to client’s decision in the new version of the application, manual code was replaced with a QR-code. Now, instead of points after recognition of QR-code, user receives bonus rubles with the ability of withdraw it to bank account or to mobile phone account.

  • iOS
  • Android
  • PHP
  • CMS Битрикс
  • MySQL
  • Objective-C
  • Core Data
  • Jenkins CI
  • RestKit
  • Crashlytics
  • MMDrawerController
  • SDWebImage
  • Butterknife
  • CocoaPods
  • Мaterial design

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