Development and support of cloud ERP-system for resale
and processing of electronic equipment and components

2012 — present
web developmentERP


Warehousing solution for inventory
and sales management

The history of creation

2012 — 2014

Development and support of ERP-system for processes optimization in the client's company.

2014 — present

Product transformation into a SaaS solution, support, functional expansion and improvement.

Business challenges
we solved

01. Optimization of business processes

Now it’s easier and faster to work with the processes of documenting, storing, reselling and recycling equipment. System helps to automate the main business processes of the company, which contributed to productivity growth.

02. Profit making

Our clients show their successful processes automating experience and sell access to the cloud ERP system their partners in the industry.

About the project

It was necessary to take into account the goals of the client, as well as to identify hidden needs. We thoroughly studied company’s internal processes and personally visited the client’s company.

Now Recycle-ERP is a cloud SaaS product. The system automates the main business processes: the purchase of equipment and components, the price classification of inventory, its accounting and systematic storage.

The equipment and components that the company receives are registered in the system. They are assigned unique identifiers, which are then printed on labels and accompany the equipment until its sale or disposal.

Nowadays INOSTUDIO is engaged in supporting existing functionality and developing new parts of the system in accordance with the needs of customers. Also for new customers, we import data into Recycle-ERP from previously used systems.

Four modules
of the system

01. Module for working with raw materials

The most important element of this module is the system of accounting and processing orders for incoming and outgoing deliveries. Processing orders workflow includes: work with leads and contracts, the receipt of goods, their sorting and audit of characteristics, as well as settlement with the supplier. In addition, the module includes company's transport booking systems and construction of the supply route.

02. Accounting and resale module

This module is carried resale inventory available through online stores, are billed for orders made sending goods via integration with e-mail services. Also there is a significant product group of attributes that affect the price.

03. Client module

The module is used to visualize the action with a customer-supplied product and order status / pre-orders. Through this module suppliers and customers using Recycle-ERP, can execute pre-orders for the purchase of inventory, track product, surrendered to sell and receive information on the orders.

04. Reporting module

Due to this module, companies can create individual reports for their business. Recycle-ERP clients can customize the fields for the report, the aggregation and filtering conditions, and the auto-generated reports at a given time interval.


Accounting Software

The system is integrated with the country's most popular accounting service. This integration allows Recycle-ERP customers to generate reports in terms of money, property, liabilities and transactions.

Scanners and printers

Generate QR or barcode labels of various sizes right from the system to tag the assets, products, pallets, and locations. This makes it easy to track location of items.

Mail Services

Recycle-ERP uses integration with popular e-mail services to automatically order a mailing item and generate an accompanying form. An order is formed in the mail service system with the specified parameters (weight, quantity). There is a feature mail service payment аnd printing a finished form, which is placed on the parcel. In addition, the tracking function of the sent parcel is integrated.

Online stores

The system is integrated with 4 large e-shops, that are using for the inventory sales.


It is possible to read the current value on the selected warehouse weights.


Integration with a geographic information system to build the optimal route.

of the project

01. Fault Tolerance and Virtualization

Fault tolerance of database servers and virtualization provide a high level of availability, disaster recovery, scaling and load balancing.

02. Adaptation to clients business

Multicurrency, localization, various units of measurement, as well as customization and assistance in the implementation allow you to adapt the system to the needs of each company.

03. Notifications about events

The company administrator can configure notifications of users about various system events.

04. Cloud system

Created according to the idea of industry experts, Recycle-ERP is located in the cloud, which makes it easy to use on several devices to solve all business problems.

of our cooperation

The client company is a large enterprise engaged in resale, processing and recycling of electronics and electrical appliances. The client came to us in 2012, because the programs available on the market does not fully meet the needs of the company.

Now we have created a system not only for automatization of the company internal processes. It became an integrated SaaS-solution, which brings profit to the customer due to active sales and demand in the industry. And already works in more than 30 companies of different level on three continents.

  • ASP.NET Forms
  • MVC
  • jQuery
  • Ractive
  • N-software
  • T-SQL
  • Dapper.NET
  • Zabbix
  • Web API
  • VMWare vSphere
  • VMware HA Clusters
  • Reach Client Application
  • Veeam Backup and Recovery
  • MSSQL Always On Availability Groups

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