Management system for construction industry

Startup Idea

The construction industry mainly uses paper documents. However, the new time dictates new work rules, so all business areas are moving to digital. We were contacted by the client with an idea to develop a digital solution for construction projects.

The task was to automate the paperwork, simplify communications, and make the on-site working process and timing more transparent.


The idea was implemented in the System for developmente management system, which allows you to manage construction sites and teams in real-time. In order to work with the global market, the system supports three languages.

Phases of Startup Development

  • December 2019 — February 2020

    Creating a clickable prototype, getting the first investment.

  • March 2020 — July 2020

    Development of the web version of the Builder project, launching advertising, and collecting the first contact base.

  • August 2020 — January 2021

    Creation of the Builder mobile application, protection of the next investments round.

  • February 2021 — August 2021

    Development of System for development — a management system for construction companies.

  • September 2021 — until now

    Further project development.


The startup got going with an MVP, the Builder mobile application, whose task was to connect contractors with employers. Contractors publish resumes, and employers post vacancies.

To collect the first user base, we decided to start the development from the web version since it is easier to launch ads on the site and attract an audience. After successfully testing the web version and collecting a user base, we developed a mobile application with similar functionality.

Work principle: contractors look for work, and customers look for contractors. For example, a person has built a house and needs to get its walls painted. They start the application and look for a contractor. At the same time, the house painter sees the order and responds. This way the customer and the contractor dock.

System for development

In addition to contractors and individual customers, Builder started getting more popular with businesses. However, they needed a digital solution that could help both find contractors and manage projects.

That was how the System for development management system was born, with the help of which companies can manage both facilities and construction teams. It is a desktop version for managers and executives and a lightweight mobile application for managers, foremen, and contractors.

System for development is one management system for the entire team.


Monitors the construction of facilities remotely, does not think about routine, and is engaged in the company development.


Manages construction teams and facilities, leads the construction process, controls the timing and budget.


Manages projects and specialists. Shows work results on smartphone and does not waste time on paperwork. Keeps in touch with the team and managers and requests resources in a few clicks if necessary.

Contractor (Sub)

Has access to all his tasks, communicates with the foreman and the team, records the work time, and attaches a photo or video of the result.

Desktop version

Managers can distribute workload, set tasks, monitor task progress, add descriptions, customize the list of contractors, and view task history and team correspondence.

The system allows you to create and maintain as many projects as the company needs.

The system can build a Gantt chart and a task tree. This allows you to visualize and control the construction process.

Companies can add contractors to the management system for specific types of work.

Data can be migrated from an existing software solution currently used by a company. This is possible due to automatic synchronization with P6, MS Project, .csv, and other systems.

The system is designed for construction companies of any scale and size. Depending on the number of staff, you can choose a suitable tariff plan.

System for development has a trial version that allows company representatives to test the platform and make a purchasing decision.

Mobile App

The mobile application has been developed so that construction teams can have access to the System for development system from construction sites.

It is easy to manage work in the application: set and decompose tasks, invite other teammembers to the project, mark task statuses: ready / not ready / in progress.

In chats, teammembers can resolve issues in the "here and now" mode. You need to request resources, show the result of work or discuss project details — everything can be discussed in the System for development application.

The application builds statistics on task statuses. It helps to see the project progress.

One and the same person can work in several companies — in the application, it is easy to switch between the roles: contractor, superintendent, foreman.

Project Results

It's only been a year, and System for development has grown from a job search app for builders to a management system. At the moment, among the clients of System for development there are large construction companies:

  • Company №1 — provides architectural, engineering, and construction services.
  • Company №2 — builds high-tech and technically complex projects.
  • Company №3 — offers services in the construction of commercial, residential, medical, industrial, and shopping centers.

Our experience

Working with startups is always extremely exciting. No startup project is like another.


Since this is a startup, the project is developing very quickly. Sometimes you have to make a U-turn, quite a few features get canceled or rewritten. The team has to adapt fast and move in a new direction. Client and our team have different time zones, but this does not prevent the project from developing at the speed of sound.


Timing plays a crucial role in startups, and this project is no exception. You need to react, rebuild, program, and introduce new things quickly. For this reason, we chose cross-platform development for the mobile application — Flutter.


The meetings run with a twinkle, and there is a cultural exchange between our team and the client's team. The startup involves people from different cultures. We communicate openly and know the specifics of each other's national holidays.

INOSTUDIO team about the project

Zhenya Sleptsova


"The client side takes the most active part in the work on the project. One gets the full impression that we are one team that is jointly discussing ways to reach the highest quality and the best usability of the product. The atmosphere on the project is simply wonderful"

Client on working with INOSTUDIO team

"Bottom line, if you like to save time and get high quality project — INOSTUDIO is a right choice.

I have a highly experiences engineering team. However, we needed help to launch new product fast and we looked at the different options out there. After extensive research we connected with INOSTUDIO and have not regret that. We needed help in the mobile space, to develop 2 native apps (iOS and Android) and launch it within 3 month from the start of work. While is seems quite impossible, INOSTUDIO did an amazing job, not just deliver MVP product on time meeting our high quality bar, but managed to add more features from our wish list. To comment on the code quality, my engineers were quite impressed with cleanliness of the code and APIs, giving the fact it was done in just under 3 months. However, the best part was our collaborations with INOSTUDIO team. INOSTUDIO's project manager setup the whole process in Jira, give constant updates on the progress, timely notifications on roadblocks, demos of the project, etc. I feel completely in control on where the project is, how it is going, and what to expect on what date. To me that was the best part of our collaboration with INOSTUDIO.

I am planning to continue working with them on our future projects, as I am really impressed with quality of their team (engineering, product/project)".

Technology stack


TypeScriptReact.jsNext.jsHTMLReact-TableReact-QueryRedux-ToolkitFormikSentryMapboxAmazon Web ServicesAmazon EC2DigitalOceanDockerGithub ActionsAppsFlyerMixpanelFacebook App Events


FlutterDartProviderFirebase AuthFirebase Cloud MessagingFirebase CrashlyticsFirebase App DistributionFlutter i18nBLoCLocation ServicesLocal notificationsSQLiteMatrixAppsFlyerMixpanelFacebook App Events

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