Developing a configuration app for private houses



A web-app designed to make the choice of house and configure its options. Target group: potential customers of a real estate developer

Business challenges
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Website’s Conversion Rate

It is easier for the user to make a decision to purchase thanks to a convenient calculator and an ability to choose a house from a wide range. This adds to Corner’s competitive advantages.

A unique marketing tool

We aimed to make a tool enabling our client to configure offers and to get the statistics for user choices of various features. The client works via the administrative panel with a variety of houses and options, and also monitors the most preferred parameters, selected by users while virtually configuring a house.

About configurer

Corner Configurer is a web-app helping to select the most suitable type of a private house. The users can select a class of the building, the number of floors, the number of bedrooms and parking spaces and other options for the selected house. The configurer’s calculator calculates the costs, using the selected parameters, options, and special features.

One of the key features is a flexible control panel. Clients can create house offers themselves as well as change options and add new ones, configure price correlations and design, and also prepare special offers. Moreover, the administrator of the control panel can get information about the most popular house parameters, which enables the assessment of the current demand trends.

Administrative control panel

Independent servers

The client can place their project wherever they like, independent of the OS they use MS Windows or Linux. The app is not meant for a particular OS. Thanks to C# and a modular software development platform, .NET Core, we have achieved the platform’s independence, while showing our flexibility in satisfying our client’s needs, we were able to solve the task.

Integration with the client’s CRM

The contact details of a user and the selected house configuration are saved to CRM, so that sales managers can have meaningful interactions with potential customers without the need to use the administrative panel.


With the help of the statistics tracking system, the client can get reports about the most popular features and options chosen by the users of the app. There is a convenient tool allows to form a product range of new house models.

Manual configuration

All special features, options and illustrations can be configured manually via the administrative control panel. It is so flexible that the admin can set up correlations between any functional elements. This way the users of the app can avoid choosing nonexistent variants of houses.

The configuration app

Choosing configuration

The potential buyer can select a class of the building, the number of floors, bedrooms areas,and parking spaces.

Image and layout of a house

The configurer uses high-quality images and layouts of houses. The visual aid helps users to make the right choice.


The client can adjust the cost of every functional feature. The total price for the house depends on the parameters and options selected by the user.


After configuring a house, a user can send the calculation to their email. The info is automatically displayed in CRM-system so that a sales manager can directly contact the potential customer.


We have made the configurer most convenient to explore and work with on any types of devices. Both smart phone owners and those who use large desktop screens can easily select their dream house.

About the project


JSC Corner, a real-estate developer, improves housing facilities and communities in the countryside. Our client offers an innovative approach to house design.


Thanks to well-coordinated teamwork with our client, we have managed to implement an easy and user-friendly house configuration tool as well as a flexible way of configuring sales offers for the client’s houses.

  • .NET Core
  • ASP.NET Core MVC
  • PostgreSQL
  • EntityFramework Core
  • Vue.js
  • AmoCRM

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