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2018 — 2019
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Interaction platform for scientific community

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Business challenges
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01. Popularization of STEM-education and science

The project is aimed to promote STEM-education and science (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), as well as to form public opinion about the scientific picture of the world as an integral part of general culture.

02. Facilitating communications

The SciLinkR platform has simplified interaction as it has facilitated inviting researchers to give lectures, eased finding and using scientific data for journalists, and improved getting advice and help in research for companies.

03. MVP implementation

A social network for scientists was developed to test the idea with the basic functionality. The platform is to be finalized taking into account the feedback from users.

About the social network

SciLinkR is the meeting place for scientists, teachers, students, graduate students, journalists, doctors – all those who are interested in promoting and popularizing science.

This service enables scientists and scientific experts to create new partnerships and to expand the existing ones, also to solve scientific problems through the joint efforts.

Main headings of the social network

01. My profile

In their profiles users can specify the basic information about themselves and their interests and hobbies. Thanks to these data other members of the platform find contacts with similar interests easily.

02. My reports

Users can add information about the events they have previously participated in and also create reports about their achievements and innovations in their scientific field.

03. Suggestions

Depending on the profile settings, the system automatically recommends the contacts and the reports that will be interesting for the user.

04. My scilinks

In this section, the users may: to add, to delete, and to look through the profiles of the friends.

05. Testimonials

Every user can give feedback about the competences of a scientist. Before inviting a user to contribute or participate, organizers can see the feedback to choose the best speaker on the topic.

06. The chat

Collegues can communicate within the social network via the chat. Scientics can easily exchange the information using file attachments.

Functional features

01. Filling out Wizard–forms

After registration, each user has to complete the form collecting basic information about them. This procedure optimizes finding relevant contacts, as well as keeping empty profiles out of the social network.

02. Reports export

The reports can be exported in PDF-format, complying in style with the generally accepted standards for scientific papers.

03. Event Notifications

The notification function is integrated into the user interface. It informs about various system’s events.

04. Digital object identifier

In order to correctly identify the scientific material and to comply with intellectual property rights, the Digital Object Identifier (DOI) was built into the platform.

A little bit about the project

01. Minimizing customer’s costs

Asp.Net Core technology has reduced the client’s hosting costs more than 1.5 times, due to the use of Amazon Linux hosting.

02. The winner of the startup competition

In 2019 the SciLinkR project was among TOP 3 best start-up ideas, according to MassInno event

  • Angular7
  • Asp.Net Core
  • C#
  • Amazon: S3
  • Centrifugo
  • EC2
  • S3
  • Route 53
  • SES
  • RDS

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