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DevOps and
SysOps teams for enterprise projects of medium complexity

We can set up cloud infrastructure & optimize the resources of your project


Building and configurating cloud solutions

We build project infrastructure based on Amazon, Azure, Google Cloud: enhance performance, reduce support costs, and automate the main project security tasks.

Setting up links with programs

We link the deployment program, configuration management and infrastructure using Kubernetes, Ansible, Terraform, and Serverless Framework tools. We provide a unified approach for the initial configuration of the client's infrastructure and its further upgrade.

Implementing Infrastructure-as-Code practice(IaC)

We automate routine tasks, reduce configuration costs, accelerate deployment and project management.

Analysing the current infrastructure, architecture, CI / CD-tools and processes

We analyze project infrastructure, implement continuous integration CI / CD tools based on GitLab CI, AWS CodePipeline, Jenkins, Nexus, Docker, and accelerate software development and delivery.

Technical Support of the Project

Support and debugging of cloud infrastructure

We analyze and reconfigure resources based on AWS Trusted Advisor, Azure Advisor services as well as improve resource allocation, reduce costs, and increase project reliability.

Analysing infrastructure for security

We analyze the infrastructure for compliance with the minimal security requirements, build additional tools into the continuous integration and delivery process - these are the utilities checking the code for vulnerabilities and eliminating security threats.

Configuring PCI DSS and SOC 2 security compliance

We use modern information security methods and reliable encryption algorithms. We configure services in accordance with security requirements: we check the infrastructure settings when it comes to personal data of cardholders who pay online.

Configuring backup

We implement the necessary tools for backing up project resources, prepare a disaster recovery plan and ensure the availability of applications and data. We use such tools as: Bacula, Veeam, DPM, Zabbix, and Grafana.

Database improvement

Using monitoring tools and special scripts, we improve database performance: we accelerate processing user requests, prevent server overload and reduce the waiting time for page load.

Setting up the monitoring system

We use automated monitoring tools: Zabbix, Prometheus, Grafana, Elastic Stack, AWS CloudWatch, Azure Application Insights to identify any faults in the application and promptly respond to them.

Optimizing infrastructure costs

We analyze the resources in use by infrastructure monitoring and system analysis. If we find bottlenecks where your company could be wasting money, we introduce performance optimization processes: we transfer a part of the infrastructure to free resources, enable compression, traffic caching, etc.




Yandex Cloud











Our approach

Easy communication

We choose most convenient channels for interaction: Slack, Zoom, Skype.

Transparent interaction

We give our clients access to task managers where we display the progress on the project.


We team up with each client, sharing experience and responsibility.



About projеct

The international e-commerce platform allows you to create and launch shopping sites within 24 hours. Afterwards, using up-sell and cross-sell technologies it can guide the buyer to making a purchase and monitor user reactions.

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Techonologies used


Azure Cloud






Our qualifications and expertise

We have been working in software development since 2006 and we know what sort of difficulties technical specialists might face in the development, delivery and operation of software. We help our clients transform creative chaos into a centralized development automation process. We provide ideological training for employees. We implement DevOps practices aimed at integrating development and operation teams. We prepare technical documentation and analyze metrics. We save time and budget for your project.

Our certificates

We follow trends in software development and operation: we take part in top online and offline conferences: DevOops, Container World, FDevOpsCon. We get certified by Microsoft, improve our qualifications in the Google Cloud Platform, and apply the knowledge and experience gained on our internal and commercial projects.

Valuation and costs

Determination of cost

We can tell you the exact cost of the project after evaluating our labor costs: firstly, we estimate the number of technological components used, the composition and size of the team, and the complexity of the project architecture.

Work hour

We work under both fixed-payment contracts and the time & material model.

from 2600 ₽ (rubles / RUR) per hour

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