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Collection Compiler

Project TypeStartup

Internal web application with the mobile client

To enter the market, our client needed an application that would automate the compilation of product catalogues and help users simplify communications between employees and suppliers.

Product Search

Quick Search

A marketing specialist should have the tool to search for, share and edit products.

Status Tracker


Users needed the ability to track product statuses, receive notifications and messages.

Mobile Version


The system should be available as an Android app.


Final Version Results

The modules of the final product include the web applications for marketing specialists and suppliers, the promo website, the mobile Android client and the global administration panel.

Web Syncronization
Offline Mode

The Android version synchronizes with the system when possible, and is able to work in a low Internet speed environment, or even in the offline mode.

Access System

The system includes a complex access hierarchy equipped with data encryption.

High Loads

The Amazon cloud provides the project with the ability to maintain high loads (creating over 1 000 products per hour).

Team Size Teamwork

The project was created by:2 backend developers, 1 frontend developer,
1 test engineer, 1 project manager.

Technological Choice Technologies

PHP, Amazon, Java,
MySQL, Angular, jQuery

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