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The cloud web application used by the transnational corporation to hold a photograph competition between its employees

GoBeyond Project

Participants e-mailed their photos to the special address, and then voted for pictures using the filtering system to view other profiles.

We developed complex animation mechanics to display profiles and integrated Bing to visualize results of voting.


Cloud Application Data in Cloud Storage

We were required to create both the web application and background cloud client for receiving emails and publishing pictures from it, and also to build voting capability.


Picture Upload
The basis of the project is the animated website with the pictures uploaded to the cloud.
Background Processing
The cloud-based service processed works of contestants in the background and then linked them to their profiles.
Voting Results
A user could only vote once from one browser, with his or her IP address added to the database.
Bing Integration
To display the percent of participants among the whole quantity of employees, the application utilizes Bing maps.


2 backend developers

1 project manager

Technological Choice


ASP.NET, MS SQL, jQuery,
CSS, Azure

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