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MOJO Project
Project Type Project Type


Fast deployment platform for e-commerce (startup)

Project Start Project Start
The project launched in
Clients' Income Clients' Income
Clients of MOJO report earnings of over $25M
Project Size Project Size
The platform incudes more than 400 websites


Creating Websites Within 24-Hours
The idea was based on plans to create an advanced system that would design, create, and launch commercial websites within 24-hours.
MOJO founders, Stature Software, worked with us previously. Setting a high value on the cooperation with INOSTUDIO, they chose us to be their contractors.


In the beginning, we developed the entire architecture of the project that supports a large number of users and one that can be flexibly changed, depending on the load.

At different times, the MOJO team included up to 10 people, working in the Russian office of INOSTUDIO. The sales management, however, is based in the United States.

At the pre-design stage, we determined the set of technologies, that would let us fulfill the main features of the project — quickly create websites and instantly enhance the functionality.

MOJO service functionality is currently being enhanced, based on clients’ requirements and demand. The team works well on a tight schedule amid a constant flow of new tasks.




SQL Server




Most of the platform websites sell various goods: household products and appliances, accessories and so on.


Great Start

The first thing for a user to choose is the style and design of the website that can set it apart from others. It can be either a client's design or a template.

Design a Website

Visual Editor

The MOJO editor allow a user instantly changing fonts, images or position of elements on a page.

Visual Editor

Complete Control

The MOJO Admin tools allow edit the terms of use, privacy policies and many other things.

Administration Panel

Testing System

The MOJO Now platform provides a user with the possibility to work simultaneously with different versions of a website and perform any kind of A/B testing.

Testing Your Website

Marketing Tools

The built-in MOJO tools include geographical website targeting ensuring a business' maximum efficiency.

Reports and Metrics

Instant Payments

MOJO is integrated with all major payment systems, making it easy to purchase for almost anyone.

Payment Services Integration


The MOJO dashboard data is available for Excel and contains all important information to use in the website management.

Website Management


After several years of work MOJO Research & Development became one of the leading companies of its segment in the United States joining the DRMA (Direct Response Marketing Alliance) association. The customer base and project continue to grow.

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