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goodmood todayiam

Mobile application for self-expression


Social networks are an integral part of modern individual’s life: they help us to share our news and emotions with relatives. Why not to do it in a new unique way,
which will appeal even to introverts?

We, within the Leading Group of our company, thought about the tool for self-expression.

Project Scope

To develop an Android mobile app which allows users to post
a sticker-status in one touch to all popular Social Networks and messengers.

Target Audience

Young people aged 12 to 30 years.
The app is available for Russian and English speaking audience.

Project’s Specific Feature

This was the first time for the team to work not by agile but in comfortable family-like environment, that comprised like-minded people.


  1. We drew 5 thematic collections consisting 80 insane, creative and extraordinary stickers with the images of animals for one-size-fits-all solution.
  2. Easy-to-use search on images for any kind of mood.
  3. One touch posting to all popular Social Networks and messengers: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Skype, WhatsApp.


  1. The most popular characters of “Who am I today?” app are: Sleepy cat, Indestructible dog and Elusive unicorn.
  2. During the first week after publishing sticker collection to Telegram messenger the number of downloads had reached 3000.
  3. We continue working on this project. We plan developing iOS application, localization growth and drawing new collections of stickers.
screenshots of app
screenshots of app screenshots mobile application mobile app for a good mood
Choose the status pic in your mood, share it with friends and keep in touch — tell them, who you are today!



  • RxJavaRxJava
  • Dagger 2Dagger 2
  • OrmliteOrmlite
  • RetrofitRetrofit

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